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10 Female Creators You May Not Know About But Should

By Editorial Staff

In an online world of thousands upon thousands of artists, comedians, musicians, ect., it’s no surprise we only end up seeing a fraction of the content that is available for our consumption. On top of that, curating your feed to what you like can take ages. This is why we’ve taken the time to create a list of unique and edgy female creators that you should definitely give a follow. 

10. Crackhead Barney & Friends

Performance Artist

Who is she? Where did she come from? Crackhead Barney has only been posting her raunchy and topical videos since November and has yet to garner a following but with creative content like hers, it’s only a matter of time. Is this girl’s content comedy? Performance art? We will let you decide for yourself. 

9. Emma Negrete 

Singer, songwriter

This LA-based indie-pop singer/songwriter has been creating original music for the last four years. Emma is set to release her new single and music video on January 22nd titled “Lost In Translation”. You can stream all of Emma’s music on Spotify and Apple Music. Checkout live sessions and updates on Emma’s upcoming releases on her Instagram and TikTok. 

8. Sophia Stark

Mixed media artist


new year, new inexplicable abomination #art #sculpture #furby #worms #silicone @thecoldestwater #thecoldestwater

♬ DHMIS – Hiba G

The next on the list of amazing female creators is Sophia Stark. Stark’s art is a beautiful nightmare you never want to wake up from. She draws inspiration from B Horror films and anatomical references. Her preferred medium is silicone-based sculpture but also creates original drawings, pins, patches, and even screenprints her work onto t-shirts! You can purchase Sophia’s work on her website and follow along with what’s new on her Instagram and TikTok. 

7. Kayla Mahaffey



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A post shared by Kayla Mahaffey (@kaylamay_art)

Kayla Mahaffey’s illustration style could be described as “realistic cartoon” with reference to pop culture and current events. Unlike traditional cartoon illustration which tends to simplify shapes, Mahaffey adds more realistic detail and keeps shapes very in line with reality. She has painted multiple murals around the city of Chicago and has had her work showcased at art exhibits and galleries. Kayla’s art is available for purchase on her website and shares her most current pieces with her followers on Instagram.  

6. Elloo



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A post shared by ɆⱠⱠØØ (@ellooelloo)

Elloo, another Chicago based female creator, makes incredibly colorful and psychedelic art that is both adorable and unsettling at the same time. Her original monster art is reminiscent of some of our favorite Cartoon Network shows such as Adventure Time and Regular Show. She has designed beer cans, painted murals, and sells her personal work online. 

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5. Lorelei and Lennon the Bunny

Lifestyle vlogger 

“Lennon The Bunny” is a YouTube channel run by Lorelei Carlson that focuses on rabbit care and advocacy. Lennon and Lorelei’s videos range from tutorials to DIYs, product reviews, and vlogging. Her goal is to normalize the public’s image of rabbits as intelligent and loving creatures while promoting adoption and free-roaming. Even if you are not a rabbit owner and have no intention of becoming one, “Lennon The Bunny”s videos are absolutely adorable and very enjoyable to watch.

4. Steen (Christina Catucci)



♬ You Say – Piano Instrumental – Rick Austin Evans

Christina Catucci, AKA Steen, is one of the up and coming female creators you have got to check out. Steen, a nickname given to her as a child, draws inspiration for her comedy from real-life experiences. Her content is incredibly raw, intense, and absolutely hilarious. Many of Steen’s videos seem to outline outrageous scenarios from their childhood that I’m sure a lot of us can find relatable on one level or another.

3. Grace Kuhlenscmidt



i was afraid to tell you this true story about me #fyp #ThinkingAbout #HouseTour

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Self-proclaimed “straight lesbian” comedian, Grace Kuhlenscmidt’s content will leave you scratching your head and scrolling for more. Her videos seem to parody those “POV” and “Motivational” TikTok’s you’ll find while scrolling the “For You Page” in the most absurd way possible. Grace is a stand-up comedian based in Chicago, IL but has been residing in Brooklyn since the start of the pandemic. If you’re looking for a good chuckle but don’t mind feeling completely lost, this is another of the talented female creators you need to follow.

2. Lily Sparks


We are all thinking it, Lily Sparks just isn’t afraid to say it. Sparks draws inspiration for her videos from her own insecurities and things she finds bothersome. This of course leads to some very relatable content. On top of her content being extremely clever, Lily takes the time to tastefully edit all her videos, adding an additional layer of cookyness to her content. 

1. Annie Dirusso

Musician/ Singersongwriter 

Annie Dirusso’s music perfectly encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions felt in your early twenties. This is one of the many insanely impressive female creators out there. At just twenty years old, she has already developed her own distinguishable style and sound. Dirusso posts unrecorded music she has written and live sessions of her songs on her TikTok. She has also recently released a music video for her latest song “Judgement From The World’s Greatest Band” on Youtube.

Extremely Honorable Mentions

Katherine Ellis Comedian@katherineaellis
Rebecca CashCeramic Artist@rebeccacash
Elena Kanagy-Loux Lace Maker@erenanaomi

This article was written by Molly Lynn Garcia

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