Top 15 Digital Art Instagram Accounts

By Editorial Staff

Instagram is one of the greatest sharing platforms for creatives out there. You answer to no one but yourself and the only prerequisite for posting art is a passion for the subject. The rise of the digital age has also given rise to the digital artist, and Instagram has become an amazing gallery of digital art. If you’re looking to add some color to your feed, here are 15 of the top digital art accounts on Instagram.

1. Shirien Damra


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A post shared by shirien (@shirien.creates)

Shirien Damra is a Palestinian Chicago based designer and graphic illustrator. Her designs are colorful and diverse, and she incorporates activist messages into many of her designs. In fact, you probably recognize her art for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Elijah McClain, among others, which circulated all over Instagram during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality.

2. Machira


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A post shared by Machira (@artofmachira)

Machira’s designs feature beautiful women from all different cultures sporting unique clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. There are definite fantasy influences but also a number of genuine portraits. All of the drawings are incredibly detailed and awe inspiring. Scroll through and I guarantee you will find one that catches your eye.

3. Tasia

Tasia is an animator and illustrator known for her soft, romantic drawings and occasional witchy portraits. Her art often has a watercolor effect which matches perfectly with her soft backgrounds or trendy outfits.

4. Alexis Franklin


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A post shared by Alexis Franklin (@alexis_art)

Alexis’s portraits look so realistic you won’t believe they come out of Procreate. Her art, reminiscent of an oil painting, is completely digital, featuring famous portraits as well as photo studies and recreations. Her portrait of Anita Hill was selected to be featured in Time magazine for their “Women of the Year” project.

5. Yukai Du


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A post shared by Yukai Du (@yukai_du)

Yukai Du’s art is full of geometric shapes, patterns, and aesthetic color blocking. An illustrator and animator, many of her animations morph between random shapes and recognizable images to create a story. She has worked with American Express for their Shop Small campaign designed a wheelchair accessory for Izzy Wheels.

6. Jade Purple Brown


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A post shared by Jade Purple Brown (@jadepurplebrown)

Jade creates distinct color blocking art that has been featured in a Sephora ad campaign and, most recently, in promotion for Drew Barrymore’s home and beauty line Flowers by Drew. She works at creating new, dynamic worlds of optimism and empowerment through her vibrant designs and posters.

7. Tomislav Jagnjić


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A post shared by Tomislav Jagnjić (@tomislav_art)

Tomislav creates intricate fantasy landscapes with one comic twist: the titles. Each majestic, detailed, mystical art piece is accompanied by a quippy title that, while not necessarily fitting with the mood on first glance, only adds to the overall joy of his scenes. This one is entitled “Nope, wrong way. Turn around.”

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8. Amy Mebberson

Amy Mebberson created the now iconic comic strip featuring the Disney princess cast called Pocket Princesses. It’s daily life with the princesses, that is, life if they all lived together in one amazing house and had relatable problems like pumpkin spice addictions and a tendency to hoard cast iron skillets.

9. Owen Davey


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A post shared by Owen Davey (@owendaveydraws)

Owen Davey is a freelance illustrator who’s artistic style is distinguished by bright colors, geometric shapes, and enchanting slightly cooky subjects. The result is something akin to an optical allusion where you can see all the parts and how they somehow come together to create a gorilla, or the like. In other news, Owen has also written and illustrated a nonfiction book about Octopuses.

10. Adam Ellis


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A post shared by Adam Ellis (@adamtots)

Adam Ellis is the creator of Adamtots, the offbeat, sometimes raunchy, undoubtedly hilarious Instagram comic strip. Each installment features him or one of his other characters and (mostly) springs from his own life with comedic social commentary. He also created a world of lore and characters for his video game Fever Knights.

11. Jenny Yu


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A post shared by Jenny Yu (@yeuujjn)

Jenny Yu’s art often plays with light and creates a soft, blurry effect over scenes from life. She can perfectly capture the comfort of easy solitude, whether that be in a rain soaked city street or an afternoon café or in the early morning sunshine on your bed.

12. Cheyenne Barton


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A post shared by cheyenne barton ☼ (@chey.barton)

Cheyenne’s designs are bright and fun, featuring her unique character style. You can buy prints and stickers on her Etsy shop, as well as watch her daily life and drawing process on her YouTube channel. Check out her art if you’re in the mood for something cheerful and comforting.

13. Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman is an illustrator and best selling young adult author. Her book characters also appear in her Heartstopper comics which were first published on Tapas before being bound and published as graphic novels. All of her work focuses on sexual and gender diversity, something her followers love.

14. Ejiwa Ebenebe


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A post shared by Ejiwa Ebenebe (Edge) (@artofedge)

Ejiwa, or Edge, is a digital artist absolutely crushing it on Instagram. Her work is supernatural and psychedelic, but undoubtedly eye catching. She’s also done murals and illustrates the Friction journal series, a collection of short stories, graphic shorts, and essays.

15. Lo Harris


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A post shared by Lo Harris (@loharris_art)

Lo is all about championing vibrance, confidence, and joy and it shows through her digital art. She draws on political activism and diversity for her art, and even partnered with The Ellen Show to design their 2020 Be Kind by Ellen box.

More digital art accounts to check out

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This article was written by Christiana Sinacola

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