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Weekly Creator Economy Trends: 10/28

By Editorial Staff

This week in the Creator Economy: YouTube cleans up its look, Instagram tries to catch up to the popularity of YouTube and TikTok partnerships, and BeReal takes center stage.

1. YouTube’s New Designs


Via Twitter

YouTube has made clear changes in its platforms, introducing YouTube Shorts which have become a TikTok alternative if not a rival. Now, YouTube is making efforts towards a “cleaner, more livelydesign.

YouTube users are able to pinch and zoom on videos, with magnification up to eight times closer. The app’s layout has also changed to a more compressed phone view of the video title, the likes and dislikes component, along with the channel name and comment box.

Overall, the new design nods towards a condensed and cleaner style. The ads under the videos are also more prominent, similar to the way ads appear in the YouTube Shorts portion or even on TikTok.

2. Instagram’s New Creator Portfolio


Instagram unveils new creator profile

Via Digital Information World

Instagram has developed a new feature for its Creators. This new portfolio allows Creators to build and curate a narrative about their brand and personality on the platform. Instagram may have realized they are falling behind TikTok and YouTube with brand partnerships. In an effort to appeal to brands and sponsors, Instagram hopes to bolster its own creators and entice them and their followers to the platform.

3. Is BeReal the Next Big Thing?

Via Later Blog

BeReal is a relatively new but increasingly popular app that has made waves with its unique design and user experience. BeReal was made to capture “real moments” by surprising users with photo alerts at random times. BeReal signifies something that has been prevalent on the internet since the beginning: a thirst for authenticity. Users explore this experience through a platform that feels distinctly unlike other social media.


This article was written by Victoria Huynh

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