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Best Real Estate Social Media Campaigns and Influencers

By Editorial Staff

The world is reopening, slowly but surely. Whether that means expanding your investment portfolio in celebration, relocating to see parts of the world you were kept from, or you’re launching your real estate agency, we have collected tips for the best real estate social media campaigns to spark some inspiration. The influencer marketing industry has no limit and can shed light on the most flip-worthy houses or jaw-dropping mansions. Even this post has us scrolling eagerly through Zillow.

Running one of the best real estate social media campaigns

1. Content should be 50/50 personal and professional

Creating a sturdy professional reputation is vital, however people choose to work with people they can relate to. There are dozens of options for real estate agencies and agents, so you need to focus on being personable and memorable. This means posts beyond the open concept living room- get yourself in front of the camera, divulge some of your daily work routine, or sharing industry expertise. By letting your clients get to know you better, you will create a sense of familiarity and trust that builds loyal brand advocates, rather, than just increase your follower count. 

2. Ask your followers questions to build engagement

Similar to having a caption with a call to action, challenging followers to consider whether they could see themselves cooking in this kitchen or if they would use a backyard pool will encourage them to engage with your posts. You want to attract and attain their interest, which will not happen if you are putting random images on their feed. The best real estate social media campaigns give their audience a reason to interact. Two-way communication will also contribute to the level of familiarity your potential clients have with your brand. 

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3. Shoutout reviewers 

Clients want to work with a professional that has experience and can be trusted. By using your social media platform to thank your biggest fans who review you on established sites, such as Zillow, you can encourage others to do the same and build your career reputation.  This small act is a heartfelt way to engage with your loyal clients and amplify your brand in a manner that can boost your exposure. You want your agency to have a name beyond your social media profile and to be searchable from any web-based site. 

4. Interact with other real estate professionals

Establishing a strong social media presence reaches far beyond posting relevant content- you need to become apart of the industry conversation. By engaging, tagging, or reposting content from other professionals you demonstrate to clients that you are an expert in your field and build relationships with similar comrades. Not only can this draw more attention to your brand, but encourages the creation of personal relationships amongst others in your career- plus, you never know what you could learn from industry leaders. 

5. Storytell Success

Client-focused content certifies that your initiatives revolve around the people you are serving. Audiences find it hard to relate to a product or service, but they can relate to other people. Showcasing your case studies triggers an emotional connection and offers subjective value to your brand. You want your brand to have a personality in the mind of the client, and storytelling is the best place to start. Rather than just being another social media profile, storytelling will humanize you and your brand and give your clients a reason to return to your page. 

6. Video tour of a local open house

Each week, take the time to target 3-4 listings to showcase on your social media. Whether that is a few photos or a short video, the content should be a teaser to increase audience interest. People will reach out wanting more information which gives the perfect opportunity to pitch yourself and your brand to clients and have insight as to who is in the market to buy or sell. Amongst these posts, make sure to maintain your personal touch so the content has more value than just a print ad. 

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7. Create FOMO

Better known as ‘fear of missing out,’ social media has caused its audience to have a stronger sense of wanting social inclusion- 56% of social media users report experiencing FOMO, and most of them are Millenials. However, FOMO is a driving force for consumer spending habits. Creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity with your content can help you reach a plethora of potential clients who will be more interested in exploring real estate. The best real estate social media campaigns drive an urge of opportunity for their clients.

8. Utilize multiple social platforms

In order to reach your potential clients, your presence needs to be dispersed to the social media accounts they utilize. While Millennials saturate Instagram, Baby Boomers tend to stick to Facebook. Your content should be curated to the platform due to algorithms and different audience needs, however, you can promote the best real estate social media campaigns by covering more ground. This isn’t to say quantity over quality, but do your research to know where your potential clients are situated and be intentional with your presence. 

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9. Appeal to all varieties of buyers

Not everyone is a first-time buyer, and not everyone has purchased real estate before. 86%  of younger Millennials and 52% of older Millennials were first-time home buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors. This means that your content needs to educate from various perspectives- whether that shows homes that are modeled or tips about using moving services. This will extend the content you offer and allow you to appeal to various audiences who are not all seeking the same thing. 


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10. Promote the town

There is so much more to buying a home than the house itself. Homebuyers value varying attributes about the surrounding environment, and the best real estate social media campaigns sell the city with the house. From school district ratings to surrounding grocery stores, there is no limit to the value you can add to real estate through the city it is located in.  Offering potential clients deeper insight into their future homes lets them know you are serving their market to your fullest potential.

Realtor Influencers You Should Be Following

As Millennials and Generation Z slowly become the majority of home buyers, their means of research turns more to social media. In fact, 99% of millennials begin their home search online. The best real estate social media campaigns encompass relevant figures of the industry in an effort to capture the attention of the heavy social media traffic. Below we have listed the top 20 realtor influencers who have taken real estate social media by storm. 

Fredrik Eklund@fredrikeklundny
Stefan Aarnio@stefanaarnioStefan Aarnio
Cody Sperber@cleverinvestorClever Investor
Desiree Patno@desireepatnoDesiree Patno
Tom Ferry@tomferryReal Estate Training TF
Chad Carroll@chadcarrollThe Carroll Group
Grant Cardone@grantcardoneGrant Cardone
Barbara Corcoran@barbaracorcoran
Ryan Serhant@ryanserhantOfficial Ryan Serhant
Amy Bohutinsky@amybo
Ricky Carruth@rickycarruthRicky Carruth
Bryan Casella@bryancasellaBryan Argentina
Sam DeBianchi@samdebianchiSam DeBianchi
Luna Ge@lunaroxxsLuna Ge Real Estate
Katie Lance@katielanceKatie Lance Consulting
Max Maxwell@therealmaxwellMax Maxwell
Chastin J. Miles@chastinjmilesChastin J. Miles
Kevin Paffrath@paffrathkevinKevin Paffrath
Graham Stephan@gpstephanGraham Stephan
Loida Velazquez@loidavelasLoida Velasquez

This article was written by Kate Reinke

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