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Best Places to Travel Now That Travel Bans Are Lifted

By Editorial Staff

With the COVID-19 vaccines having been rolled out for the past few months now, the world continues to reopen and different countries have implemented their safety precautions for visitors to travel. Most countries require a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours before your arrival in the country, as well as being fully vaccinated with any of the vaccines.  Below, we have compiled a list of the best places to travel, both domestically and internationally, for weekend getaways, family vacations, and just a break from the stress of the past years.

1. Costa Rica


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Costa Rica is home to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and exotic hiking locations with volcanoes. If you are into outdoorsy activities, Costa Rica is most definitely the best place to travel for you. In this country (and traveling in general) it’s always important to never be alone and always make sure someone is with your things at all times. Nonetheless, it’s a gorgeous country that accepts $USD so no need to worry about exchanging your money on your way to visit the country. This is a great spot to visit due to the fact that it’s not too far from anyone looking to visit in the Southeast part of the country.

Fully vaccinated tourists may enter the country starting August 1st, 2021, without the need to buy medical insurance. Instead, visitors are only required to bring along the official CDC vaccination card which showcases the individuals testing dates.

2. Big Sky, Montana


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Continuing on the path of outdoor activities, let’s look at Big Sky Montana which is home to America’s largest ski resort. With over 5,800 acres of land in the Smoky Mountains, you are sure to find joy in the ski lift as well as downhill mountain bike trails. Since this is in the United States, you just need to have your mask for the flight as well as the possibility of wearing it at the resort when you are setting up for your days of fun! 

3. Belize


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A country located in Central America, the nation is home to exotic jungles, rich marine life, as well as Mayan ruins like Caracol. This country uses the Belize Dollar, so make sure to get your money exchanged before arrival. Another bonus of visiting this country is that a 5 star hotel averages for around $218 a night. To keep yourself and guests traveling with you safe, Belize recommends being fully vaccinated before arriving in the country.

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4. Yosemite National Park


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A part of the U.S. national park service, Yosemite National Park is located in sunny California. Whether you’re looking to get away for a day on a hike or a week away camping, there are plenty of different options for you and your family to choose from. Since this is a part of California, being fully vaccinated is a plus, but not a must. If you are looking to socially distance, this is the perfect place to be outdoors. There are tons of different parts of the park, so make sure you research fully as you’re planning your trip.

5. Iceland


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This country speaks for itself in terms of beauty. Famous for the Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss Falls, and even home to Europe’s most powerful waterfall Dettifoss. This country is a bit on the more pricey side as hotels range from $180-$650 depending on what type you ultimately choose. Travel experts say to allot for 8-12 days on your trip not including travel so you’re able to take in all of the country’s beauty. The currency is the  Icelandic króna, and visitors are expected to be fully vaccinated before arrival, or proof of a negative COVID-19 test. 

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6. Alaska

A U.S. State enriched with beautiful glaciers, whale watching, and tons of outdoor activities, this is a must on every traveler’s list. Viewing the Northern Lights from here is a once in a lifetime experience, and one of the biggest pluses on visiting the state. Hotels range from $232-$280. If you love being one with the wild, this is the place to travel for you. Since this is a state, being fully vaccinated isn’t a requirement, but suggested.

7. Japan

I mean, who wouldn’t wanna visit Japan? The food looks absolutely amazing, and as a lover of trying new things, I would love to have such an experience over there. You need to be fully vaccinated before traveling to the country, as well as you will need to self quarantine for 14 days at a government sponsored hotel (and be ready to foot the bill yourself).

8. New York

The city that never sleeps full of bright lights and new opportunities, New York is the place for you! From Central Park to the Empire State Building, these are all iconic areas of the city to visit. Notable neighborhoods include Soho which is home to tons of hip and new fashion boutiques/stores, Chinatown for delicious Asian cuisine of all types, and the Upper East Side if you’re a fan of the iconic teenage drama show Gossip Girl. Hotels range from anywhere to $85-500 depending on location.

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9. The Bahamas


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A country in the Caribbean, The Bahamas is known for its cruise line destination spot, authentic food, and beautiful beaches. Whether you want to lay out and get some sun or hit the town for some shopping, there is something for everyone in your party to enjoy their stay. Hotels cost anywhere from $100-400 with lots of options for all inclusive stays as well. To visit the country, you must show proof of the COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test before departure.

10. Florida


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Last but certainly not least, Florida is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. No matter where you visit in the state- Orlando for the theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios or Miami for the night life, the weather is always gorgeous, warm and sunny. Hotels will be cost dependent on location, but expect to pay anywhere in a range from $99-$550. 

Honorable Mentions

While the world is full of amazing and breathtaking spots all over, here is a list of 3 places that you should be sure to check out as well.

New Zealand
Atlanta, Georgia

This article was written by Genesis Sanchez

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