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Why Interior Designer, Lifestyle Creator, and Food Blogger Courtney Paige Started A Paige of Positivity

By Editorial Staff

23-year-old Courtney Paige initially started A Paige of Positivity in 2018 as an Instagram page to share recipes and beautiful photos of food. Since then, Courtney has created a website for the food blog and has further developed her personal brand. “A Paige of Positivity” is a play on her middle name, Paige – which she admits that many people have mistaken for her first name since she started the blog. In addition to sharing recipes and food on her blog, she also incorporates her love of design, fashion, and art into her content.

Courtney works full-time as an interior designer in Atlanta, where she lives with her long-term boyfriend, Jack, and their adorable mini goldendoodle, Georgia. She grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, and attended University of Michigan before moving down south with Jack and starting her career. So, how does Courtney balance her full-time job while running A Paige of Positivity and building her personal brand? In this influencer spotlight, we’ll learn more about the face behind the blog and how she got where she is today. Let’s dive in!

The First “Paige” of A Paige of Positivity

As we mentioned earlier, Courtney started @apaigeofpositivity on Instagram in February of 2018. “I loved watching other bloggers share delicious recipes and pretty images of food… I thought I might be good at it too.” A college student at the time, Courtney started A Paige of Positivity as a platform to share her passions for food and cooking. At the same time, the platform allowed her to channel her creativity and explore other aspects of art and design.

Making it Official

After two years of growing @apaigeofpositvity on Instagram, Courtney decided that she wanted A Paige of Positivity to be hers – especially after COVID-19 put many aspects of being a content creator into perspective. “It made me realize that I need something to call my own – a website, not just an Instagram handle.” Although she credits social media as a great tool for growth and marketing, relying solely on a social media platform to hold all of her work didn’t feel quite stable enough. She said, “If [Instagram] disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t have my ‘Paige.’” So, she purchased a domain name and, in August of 2020, she made it official by launching A Paige of Positivity, LLC.

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Because Courtney works a full-time job, the only time she has to work on A Paige of Positivity are weekends and anytime between the hours of 5:00pm and 9:00am. In other words, she works some looong nights. Whether she needs to create content, assess finances, or negotiate partnerships, Courtney gets her work done. The amount of drive and dedication she puts toward her work is truly inspiring.

Marketing Herself

In addition to her creativity and incredible drive, another part about Courtney that inspires us is her ability to market A Paige of Positivity as a brand. She has worked extremely hard to grow her personal brand and is always looking to improve her work. When we asked Courtney how she has grown A Paige of Positivity into what it is today, she said that the biggest thing was consistency. “Showing up every day in some capacity, even when you’re stuck in a comparison trap or feeling uninspired. You are the only YOU – Embracing that aspect of my ‘Paige’ has helped me a ton.”

Courtney has tested out many different ways to grow her brand and market herself. At the beginning of her career as a content creator, she would reach out directly to brands in hopes of securing partnerships. Now, since she has grown significantly, she reaches out to select brands in addition to partnering with brands who approach her that she considers a good fit. In addition to experimenting with affiliate links and sponsored posts for brand partnerships, “I’m always exploring alternative ways to get my blog in front of people – whether that be [through] virtual cooking classes, speaking events, weekly newsletters, etc.”

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The Future of A Paige of Positivity

One day, Courtney hopes to run A Paige of Positivity full-time. She is always setting new goals for herself and exploring new ways to make her blog the best it can be. “It’s been a LOT getting it all under my belt, but I work hard and know that one day I will see the return investment.Given her admirable self-motivation and how hard she has been working in the past few years, we have no doubt that she will achieve all of her goals and more. We will definitely be seeing more of A Paige of Positivity as she paves her way in the industry.

This is Courtney’s message to any current or aspiring influencers, bloggers, or business-owners: “Starting and running a business takes time. Be willing to invest in yourself, work hard, and reach out to others when you need assistance. I never stop learning – there are things that I love to do and loathe to do. Dive deeper into the ones that you love to do and outsource when you need to. Keep your head up – you’re doing more than you think you are and you are capable!”

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Follow A Paige of Positivity

When we asked Courtney about her favorite part of running A Paige of Positivity, she said that it’s the sense of community. She loves interacting with her followers and knowing that they are enjoying her content. “There is something so special about seeing people make your recipes in their kitchen.” If you’re interested in exploring Courtney’s food and lifestyle content, make sure to check out her blog and social media platforms!

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This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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