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Top 5 Influencer Marketing Tools for YouTube

By Editorial Staff

YouTube: creative, entertaining, and influential. YouTube is among the most powerful marketing channels on the web, influencers everywhere utilize YouTube to reach their audience and profit. With any social media platform comes questions– How do I make a successful channel? How do I gain more subscribers? How do I set myself apart from the other influencers? The answer is simple– tools. Fortunately, there are tools available for influencers to make the process easier. In this blog, we will inform you of five useful tools that will make influencer marketing easier for you! Not a fan of YouTube? No worries! Many of these tools are applicable to the many platforms used for sharing videos– YouTube included. 

1. SEMrush- Keyword Research 

SEMrush DashboardKeyword research is a crucial aspect of influence marketing. Discovering alternative keywords, titles and common terminology for your YouTube videos will allow for a larger audience and more successful video! SEMrush is a tool developed by Internet Marketers and is among the easiest ways to perform keyword research for your videos. This tool searches the web and databases to expand initial terms based on what users would typically type into their search boxes, allowing you to beat out the competition. For instance, SEMrush offers the following services: keyword analytics, site audit, traffic analytics, position tracking, organic research, and backlinks. This tool allows you to find out what your target audience is interested in while allowing you to expand who sees your YouTube videos. After discovering alternative terms, you can include these terms in your titles and descriptions in order to draw a larger audience. Ultimately, keyword research enhances the success and creativity of your YouTube videos.  

2. Sprout Social- Evaluate Competitors

Sprout Competitive AnalysisEvaluating and analyzing competitors is a step necessary in influencer marketing. Through analyzing your competition, you can identify new strategies to engage viewers more efficiently. The best tool for analyzing competitors on YouTube is called Sprout Social. It is a tool that allows you to discover useful statistics and reports of your competitors’ channels. Some examples of what Sprout Social can help you discover the most popular day and time to upload a video, the best time of day to receive likes and comments on your videos, and optimal video duration. Using Sprout’s suite of competitive reports, you can track fundamental metrics across social media platforms and compare them to your profiles. 




3. Canva- Design

Canva YouTube Thumbnail Design

Design is crucial to engagement. Designs that catch the eye of YouTube users will allow a greater number of engagements, subscribers, and therefore, greater success for your channel. It is no secret that YouTube involves a degree of graphic design, and luckily, this can be accomplished at home on your device. Canva is a free app that allows you to create graphic designs for virtually anything, including YouTube related components such as your thumbnail. Canva allows you to create quick, easy, and attention-grabbing graphics that will ultimately increase clicks and views on your videos. 

Canva is better than other leading graphic design apps because it allows you to save all creations for easy edits and fixes. You can make subtle changes to allow a consistent look. Here are a few tips for creating a graphic that will be the catalyst for a successful video: pick a custom image that is large, set a resolution of 1280×720, upload an image in the format of JPG or PNG, and keep it under 2MB. 

4. DrumUp- Promotions

DrumUp Dashboard

Once you have evaluated your competition, created a video containing keywords, and crafted an enticing thumbnail, you are ready to upload and promote your video. There are many ways to promote your videos on YouTube, however, a tool called DrumUp will make promoting and distributing your link easy. DrumUp allows you to schedule your feed items to social media channels with one click. You can add multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts to promote your videos on every social media platform. In addition, DrumUp allows you to authenticate social media accounts, preview social media clips before posting, and use scheduling to schedule distributions of video links to various social media platforms. DrumUp is a free app, however, it encompasses a few premium features that do require a monthly payment. DrumUp is a very useful tool for giving your videos the initial push they need to reach their full potential. The overall goal of this tool is to increase views and engagements, creating a more successful channel and to optimize your influence marketing.

 5. Cyfe- Tracking and Analyzing Statistics

Cyfe Web Analytics Dashboard- Influencer Marketing Tools for YouTube

Monitoring your progress/successes is an important aspect of influencer marketing. Cyfe is a tool that allows you to track and analyze the statistics of your YouTube channel and videos in order to monitor progress. Using Cyfe, you can add a YouTube widget to your dashboard using Cyfe, which will allow you to then track any given video and view the statistics of that video. Statistics Cyfe’s YouTube widget will allow you to access include the following: number of views, traffic sources, audience retention, and various forms of engagements. Cyfe is better than the built-in YouTube analysis tool because unlike the generic YouTube tool, Cyfe allows you to achieve a bird’s eye view of your stats. Cyfe also offers an enhanced embed tool. This complex tool allows you to generate an enhanced embed code for your videos. This tool includes the ability to start your video from the time of your choosing, auto-play and/or loop your videos, disable player controls, and to add social media links to your videos such as the link to your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. In addition, using Cyfe you can implement video schema to allow search engines to see what is in your video, such as the owner of the video, copyright information, information about the author, etc. Although it has premium features that come at a cost, there are plenty of features that are 100 percent free within Cyfe. 

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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