Top 10 Basketball Players on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Whether it’s sinking three-point shots or sinking into the pool on a luxurious vacation, basketball players certainly know how to entertain their audiences.  Take a ride with us through the top 10 most followed NBA players, and see how these world-renowned athletes work hard and play harder!

1. Lebron James 


Top Basketball Player Lebron James' Instagram PageIt’s only fitting that the King tops our list with 49.9 million followers. Undoubtedly the best player in the League, Lebron’s Instagram shows his charitable family man side. Don’t get it twisted, though, one look at Lebron flexing in the gym will remind you that he is most definitely NOT like you and me.

2. Stephen Curry 


Top Basketball Player Steph Curry's Instagram PageSteph’s game speaks for itself, but his social media presence is on another level, most likely thanks to his adorable family. Curry exudes love and devotion to this family and his game. His 25.9 million followers can expect wholesome yet thrilling content, and a new series “Stephen vs The Game,” for an inside look at Steph’s life and career.

3. Dwyane Wade 


Top Basketball Player Dwyane Wade's Instagram PageThree-time NBA Champion, 13-time All-Star, AND married to Gabrielle Union? Dwyane Wade brings the ~Heat~ on the court and on his personal paradise of a home. He travels, he plays golf, he promotes rosé… he’s just like us, right?

4. Russell Westbrook 


Top Basketball Player Russell Westbrook's Instagram PageIf you’re talking fashion, then Russell Westbrook is your man. From pinstripes to crazy prints, Russell always brings it on the red carpet and in the paint! Check out his recent post promoting the upcoming Men in Black film to see Russell’s funny side.

5. Kyrie Irving 


Top Basketball Player Kyrie Irving's Instagram PageCleveland fans, this name might be the last one you want to hear, but you cannot deny Kyrie’s 12.7 million followers. Kyrie has been glowing lately, posting videos and playful photos with his beau. Maybe that Boston water is just what he needed…

6. James Harden 


Top Basketball Player James Harden's Instagram PageJames Harden is a crowd pleasure to his 9.8 million followers. With photos of shoe releases, shots from the arch, and tender moments with fans, James Harden keeps it real every day of the week. And let’s face it, he’s got the best beard in the league by far.

7. Chris Paul 


Top Basketball Player Chris Paul's Instagram PageRockets fans, look no further. This nine-time All-Star can do it all—just check out his latest post crowning him Captain his team competing in the Baha Mar Showdown golf tournament.

8. Paul George 


Top Basketball Player Paul George's Instagram PageThunder fans, rejoice! Paul George is here to give you all the laughs and buckets you need to sustain yourself during the offseason. Paul wears many hats, however, as shown with his annual Celebrity Fishing Tournament (registration is still open, by the way).

9. Carmelo Anthony 


Top Basketball Player Carmelo Anthony's Instagram PageThose suffering from wanderlust will feel right at home with Carmelo Anthony. He documents his adventures abroad and right in his own backyard…and he’s got the motocross track to prove it! Keep an eye on Carmelo’s page and you might just catch a glimpse at his latest shoe release.

10. Klay Thompson


Top Basketball Player Klay Thompson's Instagram PageFancy footwork on the court and fancy footwork on the dance floor gets Klay his 6.5 million followers.  Tune into Klay’s account to reminisce on your glory days on the court and watch his fellow Warriors egg him on.

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This article was written by Jessica Paolucci.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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