NeoReach is hosting a MEAN stack Hack Night in Orlando

By Editorial Staff

Please Note – This event has passed! But you can still check out details below

NeoReach hosts Hack Night

On March 1st, NeoReach is hosting the first of many hack nights! Join us at 6 pm at our downtown Orlando office to build cool things using the MEAN stack and take a shot at winning some pretty stellar prizes.

Why are we doing this?

We decided that as a company we should be more involved in the community we are in. NeoReach has a base in Silicon Valley, but the heart of our company, our development team, is here in Orlando. Getting involved in the Orlando Tech/Dev community is a long time due, and we are ready to get it started. We noticed that there weren’t enough hack nights happening around Orlando and knew this was an opportunity for us to get involved.

Theme + Goodies

Our first hack night will be using the MEAN stack where you can build anything using that stack. We are looking for some awesome design integration, maybe some working with social API’s, but we want to see what Orlando can do using only the MEAN stack! The judging will be announced at the beginning of the event since we want the code you write to be written on the hack night, but you will be able to pull from a previous project.

We’ll be providing generous servings of Jimmy John subs available for everyone along with beer, soda, and some snacks.

And the prizes… 😉

The top 2 teams will win prizes. The members of the first place team will each get an IPad Air 2, and those of the second place team will each get a set of Bose headphones!  We are thinking teams of 3, but you can also code in pairs, or alone. However, the prizes are based on a team of 3.

We only have room for 50 people so be sure to RSVP ahead of time if you know that you will be attending. We are pretty stoked about this hack night! Let’s make it awesome!

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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