Top Female Crypto Influencers That Are Changing The Game

By Editorial Staff

The world of cryptocurrency is currently a boy’s club. According to a Pew Research poll, roughly 19% of women ages 18 to 29 say they have invested in, traded, or used cryptocurrency, compared with 43% of men in the same age rangeThe crypto space lacks so much diversity that Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange, stated that 74% of crypto traders are male, and 71% of them are white. Add this to the fact that women make up only 4-6% of the crypto workforce, and you can see the startling lack of diversity in this up-and-coming industry. But these top female crypto influencers are all about making change, both monetary and social.

Why are they important?

In order to understand how someone can be a revolutionary influencer, you might have to understand what an influencer is in the first place. On and off of social media, you might hear this word thrown around but not know what it means. I’ll give you a simple definition taken from Sprout Social: “An influencer is someone in your niche or industry with sway over your target audience.”

But why are influencers important in the modern era? Influencers lend brands a sense of credibility in a community where they might have none. This credibility is an excellent marketing tool. According to The State of Influencer Marketing 2018, a study that comprises 181 marketers and their agencies, “86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2017, 92% of whom found it effective.”

Changes in the industry

As the crypto industry becomes more mainstream and entrenched, we are beginning to see a massive demographic change occurring. Data from Bitstamp showed a 200% increase in the number of female crypto traders in the first 9 months of 2021.

While this is still a male-dominated area, women are starting to flood into this new technology and make their mark. This bodes well for many crypto companies and soon-to-be influencers as that means that there is a major well of potential crypto traders within the population who would benefit from new advice, perspectives, and leadership. Naturally, this influx of female traders lead to a burst of female crypto influencers beginning to share their knowledge.

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Layan Helper

  • @LayahHeilpern
  • Book: Undressing Crypto
  • Podcast: The Layah Heilpern Show

Motivation, Entrepreneur, and Empowerment. These are the 3 words that describe Layan Helper’s Twitter feed. What makes Layan such a successful influencer in this regard is not only the myriad and abundance of tweets dealing with different aspects of Crypto, but also the way she tweets. Layan unpacks the technicality of a complex subject so it is easily digestible by average people. 

Top this with the fact that Layan is out to do more than inform, she is also here to empower and motivate. In her Twitter bio, Layan talks about freedom and empowerment. For her, part of the issue is knowledge of a subject, while the other part is motivation to succeed.

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Meltem Demirors

  • @Melt_Dem
  • CSO of Coinshare 
  • Co-founder of World Economic Forum Cryptocurrency Council

Doing hoodrat stuff with my internet frens.” You can probably get a general understanding of Meltem’s communication style from that caption alone. To many tone-policing people out there, this lacks the professional nature of finance influencers, but it works. People viewing her Twitter feed can feel more casual and comfortable as they consume the breakdown of complex, boring, and dense current news.

Her style of tweets is reminiscent of internet slang and things you might see casually going through your own TikToks, and it has made its mark, catapulting her to being one of the top female crypto influencers.

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Lea Thompson

“Never financial advice, just dad jokes.” Again, this quote in her Twitter bio shows that Lea is all about making the learning process for crypto fun and digestible. What defines her Twitter feed is a unique mixture of her personal life, her affinity for Star Wars, and quick and quippy tweets on the current crypto landscape. 

Lea Thompson also makes YouTube videos, which she shares on her Twitter, breaking down news and concepts in funny yet understandable ways. Lea Thompson is a crypto influencer who truly has melded entertainment with education, pioneering the need for accessible information in industries determined to gatekeep.

Rachel Siegel

“If you think I’m giving up my chance at glory bc the market is red, u r a jester in king’s clothing.” This tweet is saved as Rachel’s background on Twitter and speaks to the nature of Rachel’s wit. She also talks about her love of elder scrolls and “coping.” Personable additions like these have given her validity and credibility in an influencer-rich world. 

What makes Rachel’s feed ever more intriguing is her timeline of wins and mistakes.

Telling the truth and admitting to mistakes gives others a sense of trust. The market is a largely undefined space that everyone is learning about, including active investors like Rachel. Rachel presents these mistakes in an almost comedic way, showing loss is not so bad, and that it’s a part of the process of learning about crypto.

Natalie Brunell

This influencer melds professionality, education, and existing media presence to increase her fanbase. Natalie Brunell, an Emmy-winning journalist, loves to talk about the connections of more complex market mechanics. She’s part of the analytics milieu of crypto, analyzing asset performance in a historic and data forward presentation. 

Natalie Brunell brings a journalistic edge to influencing and uses videos to educate about the market through interviews and podcasts.



This article was written by Benjamin Byun

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