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Top 10 Fastest-Growing Creators Who Won Us Over In 2021

By Editorial Staff

2021 was an amazing year for content creators. From mastering short form video content to teaching financial literacy on Instagram, we took a look at the fastest-growing creators 2021 edition across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Growing by thousands of followers weekly, these creators managed to build up their audiences and innovate the most this past year.  

10 Fastest-Growing Creators 2021: Instagram

1. Paul Thomas Croft

  • @therealpaulyc819

The Chicago influencer is the Founder of Croft Enterprises. Croft’s content, centered on how he gained success, his family, and work, has gained him 974k followers on Instagram. Croft has partnered with brands like Gucci, the NBA, NHL, and Four seasons in the past. 

2. Olivia Scott Welch

  • @welchwelchwelchwelch

Based in LA, Welch is an actress most known for her role on Netflix’s Fear Street anthology. With 891k followers, her Instagram feed gave her followers an inside look into her daily life. Welch has partnered with brands like Amazon, Audi, Glossier, and Arctic Fox Hair Color.

3. Professor Jungle James

  • @junglebjj

With a page mostly focused on his Jiu-Jitsu journey, James has won the heart of his 766k followers. He has also partnered with brands like ESPN, the UFC, and Lexus.

4. Andres Arboleda

  • @andresitoarboleda

An entrepreneur and sales & marketing expert creating content in both Spanish and English, Arboleda has gained 845k followers. His aspirational content led to partnerships with American Airlines, Apple, Taco Bell, and Bentley in the past. 


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A post shared by Andres Arboleda (@andresitoarboleda)

5. Papi’s Wife

  • @lovedejanee 

With a focus on spirituality and healing, DeJaneé has 690k followers on Instagram. Her followers get a glimpse into her pregnancy and her own spirituality. She has worked with Apple and the NFL. 

6. Cliff Neptune

  • @cliffneptune

Karim Ghoneim, known professionally as Cliff Neptune, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. The New Jersey native has 825k followers on Instagram, who are following along on his journey in the music industry. Neptune has worked with Ableton, Chanel, Red Bull, and Pandora in the past.

7. Duy Beck

  • @duybeck1

An actor and stuntman, Beck has 741k followers on Instagram. Posting pictures of his life and career, Beck has done partnerships with ABC, Ferrari, Marriott, and Marvel.


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A post shared by Duy Beck (@duybeck1)

8. Laura Osmani

  • @laura__osmani

Osmani shares her life and her family with her 602k followers. She has worked with Marvel in the past. 

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9. Skoti Collins Productions Gary

  • @skoti_collins_productions

Skoti Collins is a global production company based in the US, Mexico, London, Glasgow, Norway & Ireland. They have gained 621k followers on Instagram and worked with brands like Amazon, BBC, Ford, and Jaguar. 

10. KID

  • @iamkidfresh_

An investor influencer, Kid’s 532k followers get a glimpse into his life. His content has placed him perfectly to work with brands like Nike, Rolls-Royce, SoundCloud, and Spotify. 


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A post shared by KID (@iamkidfresh_)

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9 Fastest-Growing Creators 2021: TikTok

1. Claudia Oshry

  • @girlwithnojob

Mastering the art of talking shit for a living, Oshry has amassed a loyal 127.8K followers on TikTok. Her content is all about pop and internet culture. 


Oshry family jerk off

♬ You’re a Jerk – New Boyz

2. Steve Rathje

  • @stevepsychology
  • 1 million followers

With content focused on psychology, Rathje has gained one million followers on the app. His videos explain some of the psychology behind the most viral videos on the app. Steve’s going viral for explaining viral posts.

3. Brooke Morton

  • @brookexaloura
  • 1 million followers

With over one million followers, Morton makes content about her life as a teen mom. Her followers get to tag along as she raises her child and grows up herself. 


not all teen dads are the same people #fyp #momsoftiktok #teenpregnancy

♬ love in the dark – favsoundds

4. shiarctic

  • 1 million followers

Shi makes content featuring themselves playing Minecraft videos, which has gained them over a million followers on TikTok.

5. Jon Taffer

  • @jontaffer

Taffer is the Host & Executive Producer of the hit show Bar Rescue. His videos have gained him 989.2K followers who get to watch him react to TikToks made about Bar Rescue.

6. Boo Boo and Chels

  • @chelslovesbooboo

Sharing her loving relationship with her grandmother, Chels and BooBoo create content about family relationships and their inside jokes. 

7. Brian Wilson

  • @oldsupermanusa)

Making content focused on teaching financial literacy to his followers, Wilson has gained 988.1K followers on the app. 

8. @preppy_.fidgets

  • 1 million followers

This account, with one million followers, posts videos of different fidget toys. 

9. Nicholas Bennett

  • @vtgheat

Posting videos centered on flipping old, worn-down sneakers, this creator with 986k followers completely transforms old shoes into brand new ones. 


Keeping the 80’s alive, one step at a time. #sneakernews #sneakerestoration

♬ original sound – Nicholas Bennett

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10 Fastest-Growing Creators 2021: YouTube

1. Adam Waheed 

  • 3.28 million subscribers

With 3.28 million subscribers, Waheed has mastered the art of short form videos. His content is funny, quick, and relatable. 

2. Howieazy  

  • 1.62M subscribers 

An ex-Viner who says he likes making goofy videos that will make people laugh,  Howieazy gained 1.62M subscribers in total this past year. 

3. Nasty Naz

  • 1.63M subscribers

Posting funny and short videos, Naz has 1.63M subscribers who love to laugh at the content he comes out with. 

4. Hassan Khadair 

  • 1.4M subscribers

With a mix of prank and comedy videos, Khadair has 1.4M subscribers on YouTube.

5. Josh Otusanya 

  • 1.42M subscribers 

A former Division 1 football player and accountant, Otusayna’s content focused on a mix of self-help and personal development with comedy. He has 1.42M subscribers who he aims to help and inspire through his videos. 

6. That’ll Work

  • 1.42M subscribers

Testing the limits of possibility for their viewer’s entertainment, this channel posts all sorts of crazy videos with some of the wildest things you can imagine! They have almost 1.5M subscribers on YouTube. 

7. Detroit Threat Management Center

  • 1.35 million subscribers

A private corporation that specializes in non-violent methods of managing threats, this channel is teaching their 1.35 million subscribers self-defense methods. 

8. Money Talks Wireless

  • 1.18M subscribers

This channel posts short form videos showing the most common problems that people have with their phones, and a few wild ones as well. They have gained 1.18M subscribers.

9. Uploads of Fun

  • 1.09M subscribers

A family of 4 making funny videos about their lives, this channel has 1.09M subscribers. Their tagline is “fun is a language we all speak” so expect to see some family-friendly fun videos. 

10. Arnie Negrete

  •  1.05M subscribers 

Posting short form comedy, reaction, and test videos, Negrete has gained 1.05M subscribers on YouTube. 



This article was written by Ana Sandoval

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