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Weekly Creator Economy Trends: 11/4

By Editorial Staff

This week in the Creator Economy, there is a large conversation surrounding Twitter and Musk’s future intentions for the app. Meta and TikTok are in the news once again, and the future for both companies is compelling.

1. Elon Musk’s Plans for His Twitter

Since the beginning of Musk’s plans to overtake Twitter in his long legal battle, and now his final acquisition of the app, Musk has been looking to make some big changes. There has been a conversation to “re-vamp” the subscription. Musk suggests creating an $8/month subscription service for users that want to be verified on the app.

The goal of the program, called “Blue for $8/month”, is for the app to be less reliant on ads. Musk also plans to charge businesses a subscription to use the app for advertisement, and introduce new verification features for “real humans” to remove bots.

There is also a potential for reviving the 2013 Vine app – Twitter’s beloved, fallen project. Mr. Beast, YouTube’s current most successful YouTuber, even participated in the conversation. Will Vine rise to rival TikTok?

Elon Musk holds a poll about Vine's popularity

2. Meta’s Creators of Tomorrow

Meta is making efforts towards platforming “emerging talent” and empowering “them to build thriving communities”. For a while now Meta has been playing with the idea of a dedicated space for Creators to prosper, and with this new program, we’re seeing it actualized. The program has “immediate and long-term benefits” that incentivize creators to boost their potential.

3. TikTok on the Brinks

Once again, there is talk of banning the internet’s current favorite app TikTok. The Federal Communications Commissioner says the U.S. government should use the app, and, since then, stocks of Meta and Snap have “spiked on the news”. Although these comments do not necessarily equate to the end of the app, things do not bode well for TikTok in the States. Fear for national security and xenophobia run against ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese brand owner.

This article was written by Victoria Huynh

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