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Creator Economy Trend Report 11/18

By Editorial Staff

This week in the Creator Economy, the biggest social media apps on the internet are making changes on their platforms. TikTok and YouTube Shorts are implementing new features and showcasing creators in a way that boosts their content, while Twitter is changing a core element of its app.

Twitter Makes it Official

Elon Musk announced that on November 29th he will be relaunching the Twitter Blue verification. Twitter users can pay a subscription of $8 per month to be verified. Twitter verifications are also given to accounts that are “notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category”.

Users can easily view an account’s reason for verification by tapping on the check mark itself. There has been backlash from this subscription, but Musk is firm on this project, saying “Trash me all you want, but it’ll still cost $8” on his Twitter account.

TikTok’s Top Creators

TikTok launched its 2022 Discover List that displayed 50 platform creators. TikTok explains, “Discover List creators continue to foster a global community on TikTok that celebrates creativity, discovery, and authentic expression”. In addition to the list, TikTok has published a digital booklet that showcases the creators and their content contributions to the app.

@tiktok Say hello to the game-changing creators of 2022 with #TheDiscoverList ♬ original sound – TikTok

YouTube Short’s Newest Feature

YouTube gives Creators another opportunity to monetize their content on its Shorts feature. Now, Creators will have the ability to tag products for purchase in Shorts. This is similar to the feature on TikTok where the links for products are featured within videos.

In addition, YouTube Shorts has a feature that encourages Creators to include more than 15 seconds of a song in their videos. This means big things for the music industry that has previously relied on TikTok for trends and popularizing songs.

This article was written by Victoria Huynh

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