Creator Economy Trend Report 11/11

By Editorial Staff

In this week’s trend analysis of the Creator Economy, Elon Musk makes another appearance with his decisions and alterations to Twitter that could affect other platforms’ monetization, Shane Dawson returns to YouTube with a series, and the Hollywood Reporter identifies the five comics of TikTok to keep an eye out for.

Twitter’s New Monetization Model

Elon Musk’s Twitter is officially altering per its new owner’s request, beginning with a variety of new subscriptions and monetization that may beat YouTube’s current model. According to Musk, the model for monetization is coming “for all forms of content” on Twitter.  Added features will include “long-form text to tweets” and longer video content. Musk stated that Twitter could “beat” YouTube’s current rate of 55% total ad revenue to creators through their new model.

Canceled Influencers 2nd Attempt

Shane Dawson recently posted a 53-minute video titled, “The Cancelled World Of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson”, his first upload in six months. The video has about 2.3 million views on his channel with nearly 20 million subscribers. Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, once the biggest and most beloved creators on the platform, are still kept at an arm’s distance on the internet, demonstrating the effects of cancellation when a creator refuses to completely acknowledge their faults.

TikTok’s 5 Voices of Comedy

  1. Kris Collins (47M followers)
  2. De’Marcus Shawn (6.3M Followers)
  3. Jake Krantz (2.4M Followers)
  4. Boman Martinez-Reid (1.5M followers)
  5. Caroline Klidonas (351K Followers)

What are yours?🫢

♬ original sound – Kris HC

Social Media is the future of entertainment, and these 5 creators are representative of their comedic content. Each of these creators is talented in acting in different original characters which play into and critique popular culture.

This article was written by Victoria Huynh

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