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Top 10 Best Swimsuit Shops According to Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to purge your closet of jackets, pants, and layers and make space for cute swimwear. Without quarantine, the poolside competition is hot and we have gathered the top 10 best swimsuit shops according to influencers, to give you a head start on your summer wardrobe. With hundreds of shops promising you the best beach look, these boutiques offer the best in quality, style, and fits for all body types. The temperatures are rising so fill your online shopping carts fast – there is no time to waste.

1. Swimsuits For All

Designed by women for women, Swimsuits for All is dedicated to making suits for all body types and is one of the best swimsuit shops for supporting inclusion. The brand celebrities all body types to encourage women to feel comfortable in their skin and proud of their body. Using their 40-point scale, they evaluate the fit of each suit to ensure your swimsuit is constructed thoughtfully without any compromises.

swimsuits for all best swimwear shops

Other Influencer Endorsers

Katie Austin@katieaustin
Tayla Fernandez@kaylafernandez
Bree McCann@brekmccann

2. Frankie’s Bikinis

Founded in 2012 in Malibu, California, Frankies Bikinis was started by Francesca Aiello under the encouragement of her mother. Aiello became the youngest designer to feature her swimwear in Miami Swim Week in 2014. Frankie’s Bikinis is a global shop that offers women fashion-forward swimwear in high-end fabrics making it one of the best swimsuit shops for all your trend needs. 

frankies bikinis

Other Influencer Endorsers

Brianna Wright@briannalwright
Frida Aasen@frida_aasen
Addison Rae@addisonraee

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3. Bright Swimwear

Bright Swimwear is a Swedish swimsuit shop that seeks to transcend trends and design future vintage pieces that would be timeless for swimsuit seasons to come. Each suit is handmade with luxury fabrics and elegant silhouettes, made for making memories. Founder and Stockholm native, Maria Johansson, considers their swimwear to be nostalgic with a contemporary twist, perfect for the modern-day woman.

bright swimwear

Other Influencer Endorsers

Danielle Anstey@danielleanstey
Nina Edelsbacher@nedelsbacher

4. Monday Swimwear

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, founders of Monday Swimwear, prioritize instilling confidence and power within their female audience. To achieve this, Monday ensures their designs are based on timeless pieces they know will compliment and flatter the female form, and use bold color schemes chosen specifically to flatter every skin tone.

monday swimwear

Other Influencer Endorsers

Devin Brugman@devinbrugman
Amelia Marni@ameliamarni
Emily Hughes@emilyxhughes

5. Everything But Water

Everything But Water trendsetting and tastemaking. Priding themselves on unparalleled assortment and an easy-to-shop environment. The brand believes wearing swimwear is no longer a purely functional endeavor – it’s a fashion occasion. Further, Everything But Water is passionately committed to ocean conservation through their Water is Everything campaign. 

everything but water best swimsuit shops

Other Influencer Endorsers

Rocky Barnes@rockybarnes
Jyo Shankar@jyo_shankar
Amanda Ivanelli@aivanelli

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6. Ark Swimwear

The next of our best swimsuit shops for all your beach needs, Ark Swimwear boasts their ability to offer swimsuits simply well done. Established on the Northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, their minimalist designs and quality fabric are worn by Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities alike. Ark Passionately crafts bikinis that provide comfort and affordability to withstand even the saltiest of seas.

ark swimwear

Other Influencer Endorsers

Jayde Stella@jaydestella
Tilly Smith@tillyjacsmith
Natalie Roser@natalie_roser

7. Beach Bunny Swimwear

Based in Orange County, Beach Bunny Swimwear is the best swimwear shop for both classic styles and glamorous pieces alike. Beach Bunny wants to offer its audience sexy attire for lounging at the pool or kicking it beachside by celebrating a diverse array of women’s styles. Started by Angela Chittenden in 2003, Beach Bunny is now a globally recognized swimwear brand.

beach bunny swimwear best swimsuit shops

Other Influencer Endorsers

Olivia Rodriguez@olivialarodriguez
Cindy Mello@cindymello
Josie Canseco@josiecanseco

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8. Black Bough Swim

Black Bough Swim is designed for women who love the beach, offering bikinis that fit like a second skin. With humble beginnings in the founder’s own bedroom, Black Bough Swim is the best swimsuit shop to bring the summer state of mind with you wherever you go. Their social media campaign #SuitYourself seeks to celebrate all body types in a bikini.

black bough best swimsuit shops

Other Influencer Endorsers

Camryn Henry@xoxcaam
Kateri Dion@kateridion
Rosie Graham@rosiegraham_

9. Kulani Kinis

  • @kulanikinis

Starting when they took their annual trip to Hawaii, founders Dani and Alex were upset with the quality and price tags of the bikinis they had purchased for their vacation. With origins in their home garage, the brand now provides their swimsuits to thousands of beach-goers year round. Kulani Kinis offers swimsuits with quality that matches the price and seeks to help girls meet all their swimwear needs.

kulani kinis

Other Influencer Endorsers

Madi Edwards@madi_edwards
Lola Thompson@lolathompson
Kristina Mendonca@kristinamendonca

10. OneOne Swimwear

One of the best swimsuit shops if you’re looking for bikinis and beachwear, OneOne Swimwear is a lifestyle brand that makes swimsuits that look good on everybody. Sported by the Kardashians, the swimsuits are created in a private manufacturing facility so they can be custom-altered to all body types. Focusing on their fair trade and ethical procedures, OneOne is also a zero waste organization and only makes swimsuits on-demand.

oneone swimwear

Other Influencer Endorsers

Marcelle Schuur@marcelleschuur
Julie Rose Brisson@julierosebrisson
Vivi Panamera@vivipanamera

This article was written by Kate Reinke

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