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Top 10 Best Emojis and How They Affect Your Social Performance

By Editorial Staff

No text, Instagram, Tweet, or live story is fully complete without…you guessed it! A good ole’ emoji. Read through this list of the top ten best emojis, and how they can help you build that boppin’ social reputation you are looking for. Next time you’re drafting up your next masterpiece, add these to your ‘recents’ and see your logistics soar. 

  1. Face with Tears of Joy

Face with Tears of Joy Emoji- Best Emojis

This emoji is a true enigma. No one truly knows the exact meaning; are we actually laughing until tears stream down our face? Or are we throwing this bad boy in there as a conversation filler, and leave it to the imagination of the reader? I will say, this emoji can get you out of awkward situations, and it will drag the reader to find out what’s so funny for themselves. At the top of everyone’s “recent emojis,” the laughing crying face is easily accessible and expresses more than words ever could  

  1. Skull

Skull Emojis

There are other ways of expressing laughter nowadays, which takes some thinking out of the box. Although morbid, the skull can represent “I’m dead,” a saying that the kiddos use when they cannot laugh any harder. This emoji is mostly used alongside videos that leave you in tears, and the good ole face with tears of joy won’t do it. The skull intrigues the reader, as it doesn’t come straight out and says “Look how funny this is.” It insinuates the viewer will deal with serious side effects of laughing until they can’t anymore. Be a risk-taker! Use the skull and your readers will give you props. 

  1. Red Heart

Red Heart Emoji

In 2015, the red heart was named the most engaging emoji on Instagram, averaging 120,000 likes and comments. So what makes this red heart so special you ask? Out of all the different colored hearts, which one would you want to receive from your beau? Or your mother telling you how proud she is of you? Or just the act of showing love to the world? The red indicates serious love, this is no playground romance. Incorporate this red heart into your social media posts, because it will bring all those who are serious about spreading the love will flock to you. 

  1. Heart Eyes

Heart Eyes Emoji

Seems like there’s a common theme here… the social world is full of love! The OG heart eyes dominate one of the top spots for performance emojis. They can represent an utter admiration of something, a casual love interest, or the best thing since sliced bread. There’s a variety of options, all at your fingertips! As of 2019, the heart eyes emoji has averaged 8 million impressions on Twitter. That’s some serious love! Twitter’s research proves that the heart eyes are infectious, and once you post one- they all come running. 

  1. Wandering Eyes

Wandering Eyes Emoji

One of the most expressive emojis out there, with many faces and uses. It can either say, “Wait, what?” or “Look what I’ve got cookin’ up over here!” The mystery aspect of the wandering eyes will be sure to bring people’s fingertips from all over. As humans, we are in search of quick satisfaction. What better way to set up an opportunity for satisfaction than to leave the viewer wondering what these wandering eyes are peeping at? The key is to leave them with more than they came with. Social media users are quick. In with one post, out with the other. Leaving a viewer content with solving the mystery of the wandering eyes, will ensure they will be back. 

  1. 100

100 Emoji

One hundred, another way of saying something exceeded your expectations, that it’s the best you’ve ever seen, and a 100/100 from all judges. As a social media influencer, you should set your posts up for success. Let your viewers know that what they’re about to see is nothing short of “one hunnit.” Give yourself some credit, self-love is the best kind of love! 

  1. Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Face Emoji

A new feature with a recent iPhone update, rolling on the floor laughing face is a modern twist of our top emoji that will be sure to draw viewers in. It’s not a simple laugh, it’s one of those cool laughs. It insinuates that this content is sure to make you ROFL, but without using that corny acronym. 

  1. Muscle

Muscle Emoji

Who doesn’t love a good workout vid that you can scroll right past while sitting on the couch with your favorite snack by your side? When it comes to anything fitness, the workout-junkies will fawn over it, and the hopefuls will keep replaying the video until they can muster up the energy to try it for themselves. Bring your content to life, and add some muscle to it. Viewers love a feel-good post, giving themselves the motivation to be better and to support their fellow social media goers. 

  1. Fire 

Fire Emoji

It’s what the cool kids say, “That’s fire!” Another morbid symbol that connotes success and coolness. Also the main symbol for an ongoing snap streak, this emoji has viewers on their toes. We all know, a lost snap streak is a true tragedy. Eyes will bolt to this emoji, due to PTSD of past snap streaks that were lost in complete despair. Influencers can grab the attention with this small fiery figure, and keep the viewers’ attention for the length of the entertainment. It sticks out among the rest, with bright orange and red, and can mean a multitude of things! Influencers will reach their audience of high fashion, or “straight heat,” by using this small fiery guy. 

  1. Thinking Face

Thinking Face Emoji

New to the scene, today’s version of the “thinker.” This one came out of left field, simply because most people don’t utilize the “thinker” to its best ability. Once again, a small but powerful face can send a multitude of messages to your reader. It can propose a question, though, unsolvable riddle, or an open forum for feedback. More social media users will bring forth their opinion if they know that someone on the other side is willing to listen. A lesson we all could learn! Let your viewers know that you are listening, you are curious, and you are most definitely mustering up a powerful thought to be shared among many. Most people just want to be heard! Social media is the best way to fulfill that need. Utilize the “thinker” next time you are aching for some feedback, the people will come to you! 

Emojis really do have potential, and the correct use of them could bring your social performance from an “eh” to a “WOW!” Take some of these tips, and you’re destined to reach new levels. Hey, they might even work in your social life! Happy posting! 

This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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