Weekly Top Spenders on YouTube

Top Spenders on YouTube Leaderboard for July 11, 2021 – July 18, 2021

By Editorial Staff

Below are this week’s top spenders on YouTube from July 11, 2021, through July 18, 2021. We collected this data from over 600 YouTube videos using the NeoReach Social Intelligence API. All videos must abide by proper FTC disclosure regulations, be in the U.S. or Canada, and have over 10K views. Therefore, this leaderboard does not include all sponsored content from the previous week but, it does include the top major spenders on YouTube for the specified dates.

On this week’s Top Spender’s list, we are seeing brands spend more than last week, as well as 4 new brands coming into spots 2, 3, 7, and 10 on the list. Our number one Top Spender from this week was GFuel who spent $2,648,207.70 and had 21 sponsored videos. Our featured GFuel post was with PewDiePie, a very popular gaming channel on YouTube. In this video, PewDiePie is looking at the top 10 gaming streamers that have been caught over time and analyzing their games. He also highlights GFuel and their energy supplement. Check out the link below to view PewDiePie’s video and to look into GFuel.

Every week at NeoReach, we like to highlight brands that are newly introduced to our Top Spenders list. This week, we have 4 new brands: General Tire, Helix, Discord, and Oppo each spending over $160k. To learn about these new brands on our list, make sure to click each link below. And for more on next week’s Top Spenders, make sure to check back next Tuesday!

1. GFuel

  • Influencer Media Value: $2,648,207.70
  • Number of Videos: 21
  • Total Video Views: 16,508,765

Featured Video:

2. General Tire

  • Influencer Media Value: $1,011,154.40
  • Number of Videos: 1
  • Total Video Views: 8,069,205

Featured Video:

3. Helix

  • Influencer Media Value: $636,390.30
  • Number of Videos: 9
  • Total Video Views: 4,560,360

Featured Video:

4. Keeps

  • Influencer Media Value: $513,838.88
  • Number of Videos: 20
  • Total Video Views: 3,490,561

Featured Video:

5. Hello Fresh

  • Influencer Media Value: $340,284.90
  • Number of Videos: 8
  • Total Video Views: 2,150,880

Featured Video:

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6. ExpressVPN

  • Influencer Media Value: $343,294.30
  • Number of Videos: 19
  • Total Video Views: 2,539,960

Featured Video:

7. Discord

  • Influencer Media Value: $254,967.32
  • Number of Videos: 2
  • Total Video Views: 1,278,629

Featured Video:

8. Better Help

  • Influencer Media Value: $221,865.28
  • Number of Videos: 12
  • Total Video Views: 1,680,641

Featured Video:

9. Honey

  • Influencer Media Value: $200,571.36
  • Number of Videos: 3
  • Total Video Views: 1,056,592

Featured Video:

10. Oppo

  • Influencer Media Value: $164,706.72
  • Number of Videos: 2
  • Total Video Views: 1,095,159

Featured Video:

This article was written by Alyssa Thompson

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