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Top 20 Fail Compilation Channels on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

Every success story once began as a fail… right? If you fail, that means you learn. Right? Well, not in this case. YouTube is a beautiful platform for producing raw footage of never-before-seen, raw footage that you couldn’t pay enough to see live. The following fail compilation channels gather the fails of the world to one, big, happy place. Take a look at these channels, and let’s hope you will never be featured on one! 

1. FailArmy 

  • 14.7M subscribers
  • Joined July 5, 2011

Isn’t the saying, we rise as one and fall as one? Well, at FailArmy, we all fail as one! Failarmy is the leading YouTube channel for all things fail. Members of this army laugh in the face of failure and don’t take themselves too seriously. Those two qualities are the key to a successful failure. FailArmy releases fails of the week, so stay tuned, and keep praying you’re not the star of the show! 

2. Life Awesome

  • 3.32M subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 16, 2015

Life is awesome, especially when you’re on the viewing side of some hilarious fails. Life Awesome also posts simply funny videos, while focusing on fail compilations that DARE to not make you laugh. 

3. Dumb Genius 

  • 3.07M subscribers
  • Joined May 9, 2013

The only way one could be referred to as “dumb” and a “genius,” it’s at the expense of other people’s fails. This fail compilation channel focuses on all of those individuals who sacrifice their own pride and humility, for the greater good of other’s laughter. So dumb, it’s genius. 

4. Break 

  • 2.9M subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 9, 2005

Although hearing the word “break” and “fail” in the same sentence may be cringeworthy, Break will leave you with the deep laugh that you can feel all the way in your toes. Similar to other channels, Break posts user-created content when sharing the best fails of the week, month, or season. Open up Break, and get lost in these fail videos. 

5. America’s Funniest Home Videos

  • 2.32M subscribers
  • Joined Aug. 11, 2010

The show we all are too familiar with, America’s Funniest Home Videos. AFV is America’s longest-running funny video television program, collecting viral videos for decades now. AFV has also become proficient in the subject of fail compilations, as they fashionably represent all the fails that are great in this world. 

6. Top Viners 2 

  • 1.4M subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 20, 2014

Last but certainly not least, vine once again! These top vines focus on the best fail compilations of our time. Whether it be failed pranks, or “Try Not to Laugh” competition, Top Viners aces the game of fail compilations. Top Viners 2 reminds us that Vine may be gone, but never forgotten! 

7. Fun and Fails

  • 1.36M subscribers
  • Joined July 25, 2018

Any way you put it, fails are fun! A live fail compilation channel to fulfill all of your fail needs. 

8. Cat Tuber

  • 1.2M subscribers
  • Joined Nov. 1, 2016

It is not what you think it is… and no cats were harmed in the making of these fails. Join the Cat Tuber family and see all different types of animals fail as much as humans do. We didn’t know that was possible! 

9. The Best Fails 

  • 762K subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 12, 2015

You heard it here first folks, TBF is home of the Best Fails! With 762 thousand followers, TBF provides new videos Tuesday-Sunday that will quite frankly, carry you through your week. TBF specializes in “What Could Go Wrong,” “Try Not To Laugh,” and “Epic Fails.” Videos between two and ten minutes will be sure to make you laugh. 

10. Fail Force One 

  • 669K subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 22, 2016

A beautiful play on words, this channel supplies content that makes you wish you were on the next flight on Air Force One, to find the creator of the video and make sure they are OK. FFO specializes in fails of “Near Death and Close Calls,” and “What Could Go Wrong.” If you ever ask yourself this question, you may be the next person featured on Fail Force One.

11. MonthlyFails

  • 587K subscribers
  • Joined March 30, 2011

MonthlyFails categorizes your “average joe” fail compilation by month, and you can finish off your 30-day social media binge with a quality YouTube fail compilation. Usually involving vehicles, the preview screenshot for each video sparks an interest in every eye in which you cannot turn away. Between four to seven minutes long, each fail compilation leaves you thinking, what did I just watch? 

12. Viral Media Tube 

  • 168K subscribers
  • Joined July 28, 2014

We certainly are attracted to viral media these days, as it seems to rule our news feed on every social media. VMT specializes in funny fail compilations that only happen once in a lifetime, and were captured on camera. At VMT, funny and stupid go hand in hand. In life, funny and stupid also go hand in hand. Oh, the irony! 

13. Just Funny Videos

  • 166K subscribers
  • Joined Dec. 6, 2015

Don’t let the name fool you.. these videos aren’t funny. They’re HILARIOUS. Just funny videos uploads not only blooper reels but fail videos that make you wonder, “what were they thinking?” From college girls to newscasters, Just Funny covers every angle of fail compilation. 

14. Funny Vines 2

  • 128K subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 18, 2017

Although Vine is deleted from our phones, it is not deleted from our memory! Funny Vines 2 brings back all the goodies and compiles all classic fails into one. Take a look, and jog down memory lane. Try not to shed a tear! 

15. TwisterNederland 

  • 79K subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 6, 2012

TwisterNederland provides fails from all different scopes. They post fails of dogs, trucks, humans doing their normal thing, or fails according to the season. We’ve got summer fails, winter fails, fall fails, a fail for every season! All videos are around 10 to 15 minutes long, perfect for a midday pick-me-up. 


  • 42K subscribers
  • Joined April 20, 2016

Nothing sounds quite as comforting as a FAILZONE…a place where it is OK if you fail! Skiing, water sports, or outdoorsy fails fit the bill. 

17. FailFun

  • 37.5K subscribers
  • Joined Sept. 13, 2015

Two words that go hand in hand…fail and fun! This fail compilation channel organizes fails of the week and exposes the ultimate fail compilations of today’s world. Whether it’s your neighbor on a ladder holding a laundry bin over their head or your mother on a hoover board in the kitchen, this channel puts the fun in FailFun. 

18. Fails & Fun

  • 13K subscribers
  • Joined Oct. 28, 2015

Another fail compilation channel targeting all the FUN that comes from fails… This must mean something! Even though fails are cringe-worthy, there is always someone that can make it fun. Take a look at fails and fun, and you won’t feel bad for the ones who are having fun along the way. 

19. Fail Channel 

  • 3.74K subscribers
  • Joined July 4, 2017

With 3.74k followers, Fail Channel is a central hub for everyday work fail compilations that happen oh too often. With captions, “idiots at work,” the average viewer is drawn in to see what kind of things could go wrong in a regular workday… not much right? Well, Fail Channel is here to tell you, wrong! 

20. Success

  • 1.01K subscribers
  • Joined Jan. 7, 2019

Fail compilations are international, and this type of humor goes further than the United States boundaries. Based in the United Kingdom, Success compiles not your average fail video but puts a UK spin on it. Want to increase your global humor? Head over to success, it won’t disappoint. 

Want more of the top fail compilation channels on YouTube? Here are some that didn’t make the cut:

50 Shades394K
Poor Judgement385K
Fail Department140K
Last Fails22.5K
Nothing on TV ?!13.6K

This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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