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How To Use Pinterest For Business

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How To Use Pinterest For Business

How To Use Pinterest For Business

By Ryan Eaton

When promoting their businesses, people tend to use Facebook and/or Instagram but what about Pinterest? Not only is Pinterest easy to set up and easy to use, but it also helps pair businesses with target audiences. Find out how to use Pinterest for business below.

Pinterest has 200 million users a month, including half of all U.S. millennials! Pinterest allows you to share images and ideas on a “pinboard” where you “pin” the posts you like and categorize them as you see fit. Mostly used for crafts, fashion, recipes, or other innovative ideas, Pinterest can also be used to effectively promote a business.

Pinterest has specific terminology that pairs with the functions of the site. For example, pins are any image or video that a user decides to save to Pinterest. Every pin links back to its original source which becomes extremely helpful in promoting a brand. Pinners are able to categorize their pins into boards. For a business, properly utilizing boards lets customers easily navigate the account. The feed is the same as any other social media site and proper use will also assist in the promotion of a brand.

Set up a business account

Setting up a business account is the first step in using Pinterest for business. While creating an account, select the option that allows you to join as a business. In the process of creating your profile, include things like the location of your business, your logo, your website, and a brief description of what your business is. The key is to give as much information as you can about your business within the profile.

Set up a business account - How To Use Pinterest For Business

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Set up boards

Once you’ve started your account, you should set up boards. How you categorize pins into boards will determine the flow of your profile and will directly influence shoppers visiting it. It’s important to make it creative and colorful to excite customers about your product. Pinterest relies heavily on visuals, so use visually compelling pins to be the cover pin. Though visuals are important, do not forget to use words! Pins allow you to caption the images, letting you sell or highlight your products with keywords.

Set up boards - How To Use Pinterest For Business

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Be consistent

Like many other sites, consistency is key. To continuously grow your account, you will need to pin regularly. This gives users an incentive to follow you and prevent you from losing any current followers along the way. Regularly interacting with other accounts is also beneficial in account growth. By targeting accounts in similar markets, you’ll be able to pick up follows from users with shared interests.

Be consistent - How To Use Pinterest For Business

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Ultimately, Pinterest is a more valuable site for businesses than many assume. Playing around with its many features can result in a clean and presentable page that will effectively reach target audiences. With a simple setup and easy navigation, there’s no reason for a business to shy away from Pinterest.

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