Announcing the Launch of Tensor Social’s New Email Match Feature

By Editorial Staff

Tensor Social is excited to announce the launch of the platform’s new reverse email match feature. The tool allows users to upload a CSV of email addresses to generate a list of corresponding creators from the Tensor Social database.

  • Upload email lists and Tensor Social will find existing creators in that email list.
  • Find highly targeted creators and future ambassadors that already love your product.
  • Enrich existing data to enable marketers with key insights into explosive marketing campaigns.

These email lists can be pulled from customers, platform users, newsletter subscribers, etc., and there are many ways to utilize the feature. For example, Shopify stores can now upload (and will soon be able to connect) their customer lists to the platform in order to identify influencers that are already their customers. Additionally, a brand could upload their newsletter email list and locate any influencers who are subscribed. These are only two examples of how the feature can be used. Overall, it is an innovative way for any brand to locate content creators who are already familiar with their product.

In order for an influencer marketing campaign to be successful, authenticity is key. Creators who are already familiar with a brand are essential for campaigns because they are more likely to promote a brand’s product from an authentic standpoint. Tensor Social’s email match feature allows brands to find real and current users of their products. All they need to do is upload an email list – the software will do the rest. 

Head to Tensor Social and try out the new email match feature today!


This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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